လုၵ်ႉတီႈ ဝိၵ်ႇသျိၼ်ႇၼရီႇ မႃး

ဢိင်းၵလဵတ်ႈ [မႄးထတ်း]


  • IPA(key): /ˈfɪtɪd/
  • (file)
  • တူၼ်းၸၢပ်ႈလႅပ်ႈ: -ɪtɪd



  1. simple past ၶွင် fit ("to tailor, to change size")
  2. (regional, sometimes proscribed) simple past ၶွင် fit (other senses)
    • 2016 ၾႅပ်ႇဝႃႇရီႇ 2, Kate Winslet, et al, Jimmy Kimmel Live![1]:
      Even though in a way you let him freeze to death in the water, because the way I see it...
      I agree. Y'know, I think he actually could have fitted on that bit of door.
      There was plenty of room on the raft.
      I know. I know, I know.
  3. past participle ၶွင် fit (to tailor, change size)
  4. (regional, sometimes proscribed) past participle ၶွင် fit (other senses)


fitted (ဢမ်ႇၸႂ်ႈ ဢၼ်တႅၵ်ႈၼိူင်းလႆႈ)

  1. (of a kitchen, bathroom, etc.) Incorporating all of the fittings into connected units.
    ၵႂၢမ်းၶတ်းၵၼ်: unfitted
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